by Rania Amin

A six year-old boy and five year-old girl of different nationalities get to know each other on a short trip to the desert oasis of Siwa. Despite the language barrier, a strong bond immediately forms between them as they begin discovering a place entirely new to them both. As with all relationships, Amina and Tony's relationship goes through ups and downs - Amina is sad and jealous when Tony plays with another child, and not with her - but they quickly overcome these problems and continue to have fun. The trip ends as unexpectedly as it began, leaving both children with an enduring and beautiful memory.
This book illustrates how children can easily disregard language or cultural barriers to form sincere relationships and friendships. It's goal is also to present Egyptian children, especially those living in cities, with new and unusual features of their country and environment.

56 pages
17x24 cm
Hardback: ISBN 977-304-045-3
Paperback: ISBN 977-304-063-1