by Erich Kästner
Illustrations by Walter Trier
Translated by Hoda Issa

An important novel written by a German writer whose ideas and style have universal appeal, the Animal Conference has been translated into several languages.
This Arabic translation affords the contemporary Arabic reader with the opportunity to familiarize himself with different views of war and peace in world literature.
Animal Conference conveys a message of peace by dealing imaginatively with the relationship of animals with one another as contrasted to the relationship of human beings with one another, as well as with the extremely different, almost opposite, views of the world held by animals and humans respectively.
Written in a humourous, sometimes sarcastic style, the novel has appeal to both children and adults. The sensitive, child-like illustrations of the text further contribute to conveying the central message of peace with which the novel is concerned.

64 pages
20x26.5 cm
Paperback: ISBN 977-304-098-4